What family and friends are saying about Steve and Identity!

Dec 6, 2023 | 0 comments


You are a very gifted and talented writer Mr Long! Sorry It’s taken so long for me to start tackling your book. (Don 15/5/24)

WOW. Wow… I just finished ‘Identity’! Such amazing storytelling, Pete. Finished it over two days and read some to Elliot. I couldn’t put it down. It will be a story handed down through our families for sure. (Craig)

Peter. I’m really enjoying ‘Identity’. Another cracker of a read. What time is the launch? (Carolyn)

Just finished reading Identity. A great read. Enjoyed it a lot more than his last book, “Steve Hart”. (Adrian)

Loved your book Peter. Loved how you filled in the unknown parts. Bought Larry alive. Just wish Dad, Ken, Dig, and Red were around to read it. Fascinating. Well done. Xx (Bodge.) 5/12


I write to congratulate you on the novel for a few reasons:

Firstly for writing it as “a tale of adventure, love, tragedy and redemption touchingly told by Larry Cummins great grandson”. Given the personal connection it’s more than a good read. A family heirloom it is.

Secondly, the reference to the chopping off the fingers. Made it even more engaging for me personally.

Thirdly, perhaps because of the personal connection you have managed to draw me into reading a book. Honestly l haven’t read a book for decades (at least 5 in fact). Importantly I could not put it down. Finished it this morning after mostly reading in the plane to visit our grandchild in Perth on Wednesday.

Fourth, i just found it compelling to read. I got consumed by the subconscious  mind gymnastics to question sanity and encouraging resilience in solitary confinement and the ‘drip..drip…‘ bloody good.

Finally, again Congratulations! It’s more than a good read. Reading from a Great grandson perspective it creates an intuitive picture of this man’s journey – That man, is our Great Grandfather.

I am sorry I did not make the launch.

Tony (24/11/23)

Steve Hart

Just finished your book and still have a tear in my eye. It is a great read.

It is even more interesting to read when one knows the author. Not only did I learn about the Kelly’s, the history of Queensland and its vast geography, but most importantly I surprisingly learned more about YOU as ‘auteur’. I can’t wait till the movie comes out. (Patrick).


Peter, you’ve been on my mind lately because I realized that I had never told you how much I enjoyed your book, Steve Hart: The Last Kelly Standing.  It was going to be part of my Christmas message and then I got very sick for a few weeks just before Christmas and into January – not COVID but quite nasty.

I learned so much about Australia and the settler days and I was reminded of similarities with Canada’s colonial period.  You surely have a gift of story-telling and the imaginative pursuit of “what if”.  And I felt I was right inside the story.  I’m delighted to see you’ve written another and I’ll be ordering it. (Carole)



I must say I found it a great Aussie yarn and have recommended it to a number of people here in the (local) area. Well done, Peter.


It bought back memories of my time after Gatton working as a jackeroo for K. B. Tomkins on Westgrove Station in the Injune area, just north of Roma, and, as you would no doubt be aware, that trial of Redford was mentioned in the area, even in the late nineteen sixties. A few bushrangers “used” that area, one lot who come to mind are the Kenniff brothers. It’s hard to track them in the Carnarvon’s. (Ian)