“A perfect novel for anyone looking to escape into the action-filled past of Australian bushrangers”

Peter Long once again impresses with his new novel, Identity:Larry Cummins – Bushranger, where he explores his own family ties to the infamous bushrangers so integral to Australian culture.

After the resounding success of Steve Hart: Last Kelly Standing, this next novel takes a step back from the glitz and glam of the Kelly gang to focus on a more homegrown name, the story of the infamous Larry Cummins, who happens to be Peter’s own ancestor…

A historical novel that will delight fans of the genre, but still with an invigorating spin that keeps it engaging for a modern-day reader on the go.

A perfect novel for anyone looking to escape into the action-filled past of Australian bushrangers. By Nita Delgado

“A wonderful follow up to Steve Hart – The last Kelly Standing. The way in which Peter Long has authentically recreated the essence of 1860s colonial Australia, told through the eyes of various characters, is nothing short of masterful” – Jack Roney

Identity: Larry Cummins, Bushranger by Peter Long: Synopsis

It’s the 1850 and New South Wales, Australia is awash with gold. Bushrangers are in the press, their names on everyone’s lips: Ben Hall, Frank Gardiner, John Peisley, Dan Morgan, Captain Thunderbolt. They roam free, uninhibited, spending big in the shanties. The girls love them, these wild boys. Teenager, Larry Cummins, decides to throw his hand in with them. He’ll think about consequences later.

Bail the coach. Grab the bank’s cash. Scarper. Take the bullets, the whips, societal stings. If you weaken you die…

A tale of adventure, love, tragedy and redemption, touchingly told by Larry Cummins’ great-grandson, multi-award-winning author, Peter Long.

Identity: Larry Cummins, Bushranger, is literary historical fiction inspired by a real story.