Launch novel ‘Identity’ at FICK Brewery, November23

Dec 5, 2023 | 0 comments

At least eighty people joined Peter at Fick Brewery Northgate, Brisbane, to successfully launch his second novel, ‘Identity’.

Music was arranged and presented by well known DJ, Mark Colvin, covering Irish influences, colonial and prison themes. The MC, Anne Watt, a devotee of reading and a long term supporter of Peter’s writing, was a wonder at creating atmosphere, and Professor Stephen Torre, formerly Head of English at JCU, Cairns, and advocate of regional writing, reviewed the novel with a view to explaining what “literary” writing was,  and did a reading of the chapter about Larry’s Mudgee Mail holdup. He pointed out how ‘Identity’ fitted into Bathes’ criteria of a ‘text of pleasure vs the text of bliss’. Arguing the latter creates opportunities to explore other realities and meaning within the story, providing a richer experience. He argued that in Barthes’ terms ‘Identity’ is of the latter variety and a ‘writerly text’. High praise.

Peter spoke about the influences that acted upon the novel, the people who helped him and read the chase scene, where the constable chases wounded Larry through the goldfields. The formal parts ended with the drawing of a raffle. The prize? … No, not books. Most guests stayed on and sampled the boutique beer and distinctive lunch menu, watched longingly by Peter as he signed  books.